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New ISO 18600 series: standardization of packaging and its environmental impact.

In May 2012, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved new rules on packaging and the environment, that has recently been published.

This task began in 2009, when a subcommittee ISO on packaging and the environment was formed to develop voluntary standards that harmonize approaches to minimize the environmental impact of packaging. The goal was to provide packaging suppliers, brand owners and packagers, as well as distributors a common framework of requirements to reduce the impact of packaging waste.

So, they have released six standards, aligned with European standards CEN, aimed at promoting the development of responsible packaging:

• 18601: The umbrella standard that describes the general requirements for the use of standards

• 18602: Optimization packaging system, including the minimization of hazardous heavy metals and contaminants

• 18603: Reuse of packaging.

• 18604: Recovery of packaging materials

• 18605: Valorization of packaging by energy recovery

• 18606: Valorization of packaging by ecological recovery

These regulations directly affect all commercial, industrial or domestic packaging. The rules provide guidelines to integrate environmental consideration in the development of the packaging system.

This new series does not require third-party certification, therefore, is clearly established as a guide on the path toward more sustainable packaging. However, while voluntary standards are prescriptiv, if a company intends to meet a standard, then it must be able to demonstrate that it took reasonable steps to comply with all requirements.

Two of these standards in particular, ISO 18602 and ISO 18604, are expected to be the most relevant ones for packing industry. The first one establishes a checklist to verify that the package meets its functionality with the right amount of material, the second one includes an overview of the main substances from packaging materials, and components that could generate problems in collection and sorting before recycling or the recycling process itself, or that adversely affect the quality of the recycled material.

In conclusion, the new ISO standards offer a voluntary but universally accepted framework to ensure the sustainability of packaging . They are intended to harmonize existing legislation in the field of packaging and environment so that local regulatory frameworks are no barrier to the introduction of new products … Therefore, the implementation of the ISO 1860x series can contribute positively in internationalization and export plans.


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