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Top Packaging Trends For 2013

Packaging Trends 2013Sustainability, Food Safety & Security, Performance and Cost will drive packaging innovation in 2013.

Do you think you know packaging?… Think again.

It is time for reviewing packaging improvement plans, for analysing results on current implementation and for planning next action. Let’s do it in alignment with expected 2013 trends!

Different market surveys by well recognized firms (DuPont, Deloitte, Packaging World, Packaging News, among others) agree on some general trends such as:


The environment is expected to play a leading role as a driver of innovation over the next five to ten years. Environmental responsibility is increasingly considered as a part of the brand identity.

Less is more: Reduce weight and volume of materials. The best packaging is that reaching 100% functionality for presenting, protecting and containing the product with the right material in the right proportion. Go for Just Right Packaging!

Lead the development and use of materials from sustainably managed renewable resources, support initiatives to recycle or recover energy from used packaging, and use recycled materials. Biodegradables are no longer seen as a fad; on the contrary, they are seen as the materials of the future.

Food Safety & Security

The compliance of the packaging material especially for primary contact with the food is paramount.

The driver will be food security – better control of chemical, physical and biological contaminants … the ability of the packaging to maintain and extend, if possible the shelf life of food products. The food sector will be the benchmark other sectors.

Packages that protect the shelf of the food product together with the health pays.


Companies recognize the importance of consumer insights for packaging and how it can vary. They are aware of the consumer needs and try to satisfy them through easy opening systems, individual or family sized portions, designs for ergonomic use, packaging enabling on-the-go consumption, microwavable or ovenable materials…

Cost reduction

Cost reduction is the most important driver of innovation at the moment, although a drop in importance is expected in 10 years when the environment is expected to play a leading role as a driver.

Right-sizing packaging in terms of efficient package shape/size, downgauging of package material and minimizing package failures dominate the strategies for cost reduction. Materials play a critical role in these objectives.


Well, these are some ideas for developing packaging innovation plans for the next years, or at least for being in line with market norms. My next posts will develop some of them. I hope you find them useful!


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